Pull out your angel wings to the sun. It is good for them.

Last week I had a very intense experience. Destiny took we to a family that just had suffered one of those events in life that you did not even ask for and you suddenly see yourself in the middle of a terrible nightmare. One of those nightmares that even if you wake up it does not end.

For them, at least the part of the terrible nightmare had ended and now came the long process to heal the wounds of the terrible event.

More than talking about specific details, I would like to comment that sometimes in life we may encounter very difficult moments. Moments when we need others assistance and help.

There are difficult events, very difficult events and others that completely disrupt our lives.

I have seen how angels apear in these events and come tu cure, to keep company, to heal, to listen and protect persons, families, companies and even nations. I am certain that things occur for an important or a very important reason, but today I wish to talk about these angels.

These are not angels that are not necessarily dressed in white and have big wings. They are angels like you and me. Angels that are called and sent by God to help brothers and others that are passing thru very difficult moments. Angels that do not keep going and stop whatever they are doing and commit with whoever is in great need.

I have been a witness of how these angels have appeared and materialized amongst us and have embraced, tended and have given their support and love to people that have needed it seriously.

It is one of the most wonderful experiences in life, to see the angel that we have inside appear. To see when «someone gets out their wings that where stored» and helps others. Life is illuminated when you see someone share their time, their talents and their passion to help. It is like being in heaven when you witness of how they simply make it for love.

Not because they have to do it. Or because they should do it. Or because it is the correct thing to do. But because they want to do it. Because they are love. When we pull out that sacred part that we all have inside and for a moment we become one in HIM.

¿ Intense ?  ¡You bet! 

¿ Is it worth to pull out the angel that we have inside ? A society with «more wings being used» will be closer to the place that we all want to have.

¿ Is it worth not to stop that angel that we have inside and not let him appear ?

¿ Make miracles of love?

¿ Should we wait until a really big tragedy happens in order to «pull out our wings»?

¡Pull out your angel wings to the sun. It is good for them.!

You only have to look outside of yourself in order to see how much your wings are needed.

Warm regards,


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