Domingo, Harvey and asset accumulation


Domingo is a golden retriever and one on his greatest passions is water. This Sunday had been probably the happiest day of his life. He had never seen so much water. His owner, David, had never taken him to a place with so much water.

Hurricane Harvey had been responsible for this. Well, also the existence of two cold fronts that had «retained» Harvey on one zone. The end result was that it rained for 24 hours more than ever before.

The consequences of so much water  an not be explained by writing. Hundreds and thousands of histories of small and big tragedies happened in one day. The Monreal family was one of the most critical cases – not involving any physical or fatal damages-.

The Montreal Family simply lost everything.

They completely lost their house. Their furniture, decorations and everything that they had in their house, They lost all of their documents that they had there. They lost passports, love letters, invaluable memories. They lost all of their pictures, computers, hard discs and back ups. They lost all their clothes, trophies, comdecorations and pictures that  they had bought during many years.

If you where an accountant, imagine what would it be to loose all your assets in your personal balance sheet. Imagine for a moment that for whatever reason your banks appeared in zero. Your investments appeared in zero. Your receivable in zero. Your physical assets in zero. Equipment, transportation assets; zero. Total assets: ZERO.

Just to follow up on my meditation, imagine for an instant that on the side of the liabilities you would not owe anything. Thank God you would be thinking by now. Accountants would then establish that in this case, you or your family´s personal balance would be: Assets minus Liabilities. Being both equal to Zero, your personal balance would be equal to ZERO.

I ask you to imagine for a moment what this would mean. You would only have what you are wearing; you do not have any extra asset. Absolutely nothing. You certainly do not owe anything but your net worth is ZERO. You could not even buy a glass of water. You could not feed yourself or your loved ones.

All of what you have worked for has gone unexpectedly. And for those who have their trusts with plenty of zeroes in several places or that actually have several people managing your exquisite fortune; I ask you to make this exercise of seeing yourselves without a penny. Or anything that can be converted into a penny.

Your small, medium or great accumulation of wealth has completely disappeared. 

¿Which would your more intense feelings be?

¿What would you think of all the sacrifices and time that you have spent in order to achieve all of your assets?

¿What would you do different?

¿Whom would you ask for help?

¿How is «your investment» in these persons or companies at this moment in order for you to ask for help ?

¿  If a balance would exist regarding what you have done for others and what you owe them; would it be a big number as in the total  of your current assets or on the other hand would it be a rather small number?

Domingo did not understand much of matters of accountants or asset accumulation. The only thing he knew about was that David loved him and that he loved him back, He would gladly give his life for him. For the moment, he would like to enjoy his happiest day of his life.

Good week and let us be mindful towards others needs.



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